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  • Parenting Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals


    A lot of parents today are wondering what to do with their kids and how to handle the situations that arise. The techniques our parents used just don't seem to get the job done. At no time in history have parents been more unsure of their parental role.

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  • Counseling Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals


    Our Counseling Services are offered by Licensed and Credentialed Therapists. Our goal is to assist you in better understanding yourself and resolving your issues. We seek to improve communication, strengthen self-esteem, learn new skills, and promote your mental health.

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  • Teen Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Teen & Adolescents

    Teenage years can be difficult for both adolescents and parents. Sometimes we can be at a loss as how to empower our teens to become successful young adults. Teens want this freedom as well but struggle with the responsibility it brings.

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  • Anger Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals


    Our Anger is a message that we are either being hurt, our rights are being trampled on or our needs are not being met. Anger is the emotion that is difficult to use wisely and well. Let us help you learn good coping skills to handle your anger.

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  • Anxiety Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals


    Your heart starts pounding, you feel a tightness in your chest, you feel like your insides are shaking... You're probably experiencing Anxiety. You don't have to live with Anxiety and fear. Treatment can help and counseling is a good place to start.

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  • Mood Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Mood Disorders

    Whether you are experiencing depression, bipolar, dysthymia or complicated grief, our therapists can work together with you to understand your Mood Disorder, climb back up the hill and transform your mood, your feelings and your life.

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  • Trauma Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Trauma Counseling

    Everyone, including children, experiences Trauma during the course of their lifetime. Trauma-focused treatment can assist an individual who has not been able to move to a place of healing on their own.

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  • Christian Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Christian Counseling

    When you are in the midst of pain, confusion, hurt, or despair; or you are questioning your faith, Christian Counseling could be exactly what you need. Christian Counseling draws strength from your beliefs and values.

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  • Grief Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Grief and Loss

    One of the most important factors in healing from loss is having sufficient support from a specially trained grief counselor. Sharing your loss makes the burden of grief easier to carry. You can recover from your grief and learn to move forward and find peace.

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  • LGBT Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals


    Our counselors understand the diverse and unique needs of the LGBT community and will be here to provide an affirmative environment for discussion and support for individuals and their families.

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  • Relationship Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Relationship Counseling

    Throughout life, our personal and family relationships give us both joy and challenges. Relationship Counseling can be used proactively to strengthen bonds and to gain a better understanding of one another.

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  • Impulse Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Impulse Disorders/Addiction

    Many times in our culture there is a grave misunderstanding about the nature of the Impulse Disorder and Addiction and how to heal. This is not a "mind over matter" type of solution. Our professional therapists will help you navigate these struggles with positive strategies for lasting change.

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  • Special Needs Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Children With Special Needs

    Children with Special Needs, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, and developmental disabilities, are more likely than their typical peers to experience social isolation, bullying, and negative interactions.

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  • Eating Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Eating Disorders

    Eating Disorders look extremely different in every person's life, because there are very unique sets of circumstances, character traits, painful emotions and usually the sense of feeling horribly out of control. Our therapists will gladly work alongside you to help you find the resources you need.

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  • Personality Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

    Personality Disorders

    Our personalities are deeply ingrained and give us patterns of behavior that we use in our everyday lives. If you're having difficulties with relationships and difficulty functioning in society with success, or you have trouble relating to people and situations, the patterns of your behavior could be what is getting in your way.

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Welcome to Resolution Counseling

What most of us want is RESOLUTION to the issues we are facing in life.

At RCP, we've learned to focus on making your life better in positive ways. Our goal is to understand your concerns and assist you in reaching a happier and more satisfying outcome. We put our training at your disposal to support you as you work toward resolving the issues that might be negatively affecting your life. We can assist you in clarifying the issues, prioritizing them, and joining your efforts to resolve them once and for all. We offer techniques and life management skills to overcome challenges and will listen without judgment to help you find your answers to those challenges.

  • If you are experiencing anger, depression, anxiety, grief or loss...
  • If you've experienced trauma that keeps creeping into your life...
  • If you are struggling with conflict in your relationships...
  • If you are attempting to change a behavior that creates issues for you...
  • If you have a family member with a mental health issue and need techniques to benefit your relationship...

Whatever your issue, the therapists at RESOLUTION COUNSELING PROFESSIONALS are here to help you uncover your ability to work through the issues and begin to lead a more rewarding and happy life.

About Us

Carolyn-Slider-Image | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Carolyn A. Ramp

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • Approved Clinical Supervisor
  • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor
  • Love and Logic Facilitator

Meet Carolyn

Jennifer-Slider-Image | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Jennifer L. Alvarez

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Anger Management Treatment Professional

Meet Jennifer

Jeremy B. Hinote Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Jeremy B. Hinote

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor
  • Certified Scream Free Facilitator

Meet Jeremy

R. Scott Patterson slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

R. Scott Patterson

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Scream Free Facilitator
  • Certified Prepare-Enrich Facilitator

Meet Scott

Julie C. Keck Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Julie C. Keck

  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Certified Trauma Professional

Meet Julie

Mary Battle Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Mary Battle

  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • Post Graduate in Marriage & Family

Meet Mary

Nicole Danna Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Nicole Danna

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Fluent in Spanish

Meet Nicole

Sarah Harris Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Sarah Harris

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Provider with Star Behavioral Health
  • Trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Meet Sarah

Allison R. Layman Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Allison R. Layman

  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • Trained in Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

Meet Allison

Maggie Pritchard Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Maggie Pritchard

  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor

Meet Maggie

Melissa Mudd Slide | Resolution Counseling Professionals

Melissa Mudd

  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
  • Nationally Certified Counselor

Meet Melissa

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Start by doing what is necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

- Francis of Assisi

"Nothing will work unless you do."

- Maya Angelou

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

- Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein

"The Truth is: Belonging starts with self-acceptance."

- Brene Brown

"The constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."

- Benjamin Franklin

"When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves."

- Viktor E. Frankl

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

- Mark Twain

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