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Anger is a signal to us. Whether it is a fleeting annoyance or full-fledged rage, we've all felt the emotion and most of us don't know how to deal with it.

But Anger is not good or bad. It's what we do with our Anger that matters. Like other emotions, Anger brings about physiological and biological changes - our heart rate increases, our blood pressure goes up, as do the levels of our hormones and adrenaline.

Anger can be caused by internal or external events. It may be addressed towards a specific person (such as a coworker, supervisor, or relative) or it may be towards an event (like a flight getting cancelled, or a traffic jam). Anger inspires powerful, and often aggressive feelings and behavior. Most of us have never been taught how to deal with Anger appropriately.

As a signal, Anger is important because it allows us to protect ourselves. A certain amount of Anger, therefore, is necessary to our survival. Just like the physical pain tells us a stove is hot, the pain of Anger attempts to preserve the integrity of our self.

It is possible to learn to express your Anger in an assertive and appropriate manner- the healthiest way to deal with Anger.

Our goal is to support individuals in learning to understand their Anger, learning to express it appropriately, and learning to change the patterns from which Anger springs. We can help you learn techniques to keep your Anger at bay and this will bring about better relationships, better communication, and more peace.