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Anxiety Disorders

Your heart starts pounding, you feel a tightness in your chest, you feel like your insides are shaking... You're probably experiencing Anxiety. The experience of Anxiety is as individual as a snowflake. For some, Anxiety is like a prison - it keeps them from enjoying their lives and the people in their lives. You can become controlled by the Anxiety you experience.

Anxiety can come from a variety of sources and can interfere with our daily functioning. It can affect how we feel and how we behave. Mild Anxiety is vague and unsettling; but severe Anxiety can be extremely debilitating, having a serious impact on our daily life.

The ability to manage Anxiety that is both internal and external is key to learning how to rein it in and move forward. Whether your Anxiety is generalized or defined by panic attacks, phobias, or obsessive compulsive behaviors, learning techniques to recognize your specific triggers and reduce the Anxiety can mark the beginning of bringing life into balance.

Anxiety Disorders can also manifest as panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, and generalized Anxiety.

While there are medications that can help with Anxiety Disorders, research tells us that counseling is the most effective option. Counseling can give you tools to overcome the Anxiety your are experiencing, develop better coping and problem-solving skills, and learn how to relax.

You don't have to live with Anxiety and fear. Treatment can help and counseling is a good place to start.