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Counseling Services

Our professional counseling services can be provided as individual, couple, family, or group modalities. Initial sessions are usually an hour long and allow your therapist to get to know you. Following sessions generally range from 45 minutes to an hour in length.

Confidentiality is of the highest priority and your information will be carefully guarded. No information about you, including the fact that you visit our office, will be released without your written consent.

Counseling is a method used to help you learn to better understand yourself and your circumstances. It is hoped that counseling will allow you to deal more effectively with the issues you are facing and with your relationships.

Therapy is a collaborative effort between you and the therapist. Together, you will determine the number of sessions and the goals you may want to achieve.

The therapists at RCP use different therapeutic models to work with each individual. Some of our therapeutic modalities include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Gottman Marriage Counseling, Scream-Free Parenting and Scream-Free Marriage Therapy, Love and Logic Parenting, and many more. Your approach will depend upon your specific needs and abilities and the goals you may have in accordance with the accepted standard of practice.

Each therapist maintains an active license with the state of Georgia and maintains membership in professional organizations. We also complete continuing education on a regular schedule. You can be assured your therapist is well trained, well informed of new concepts in our profession and makes every effort to remain current with developments in our respective fields.