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Eating Disorders

Does food dominate your life?

Do you focus so much on your physical appearance that you struggle to connect in relationships? Eating Disorders can be all consuming struggles that affect every area of someone's life.

Eating Disorders can look like:

  • Eating food past the point of fullness and in large quantities.
  • Emotionally Eating to try to sooth painful emotions or avoid feeling all together.
  • Restricting nutritional intake or even choosing not to eat.
  • Using behaviors to eliminate food from the body once it's been eaten.
  • Extreme ritualistic behaviors and severe "pickiness" about what food is eaten.
  • It could look like all of these and it could look like none of these.

These struggles look extremely different in each individual person's life because the necessity for coping in this way springs out of very unique sets of circumstances, character traits, painful emotions and usually the sense of feeling horribly out of control.

One person's Eating struggles will always look different than another person's, which then causes people to minimize their own experience as they compare themselves to others who "have it worse." This type of comparison takes an individual's right to support and healing away and keeps them stuck in the unwanted and lonely cycle.

Our therapists will gladly work alongside you in whatever Eating struggles you may have and help you find the resources you need to learn what's been keeping you stuck and how to break free to lasting change.