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Fight Club For Girls

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What is Fight Club for Girls? It's a Teen Girls Therapy Group
When does it take place? Every Other Tuesday from 6:00-8:00pm
Who can participate? For 14-18 year olds - Open Enrollment
Fight Club for Girls is a teen therapy group where girls ages 14-18 can learn a variety of skills including - healthy coping skills, relational skills, communication skills, and education on social issues. The group is lead by Mary Battle, LAPC.

We are passionate about helping teen girls. Teens have multiple situations that can be difficult to navigate as young women. Many teen girls have a hard time asking for help and may not know what to do when faced with these life situations. Sometimes they try to cope in unhealthy ways that end up hurting them or getting them into trouble.

It's our goal with this group to provide a platform for girls to learn from Mary. As well, the goal is to help the girls learn to support each other and speak into each other's lives.

Teens that struggle with anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal ideation, anger, bullying, identity isssues, and body image are appropriate for this group. Each meeting we discuss various topics that relate to the girls' lives.

We require that each participant be in individual therapy, ideally with Mary, so that we know directly what is going on in each teen's individual life. We do accept teens that see other therapists within our office, but we require parents to sign a release of information with our other other therapists for continuity of care.

We also require that the girls commit to attending at least 8-group sessions. The group runs during the school year with breaks during school vacations. We have special group nights around holidays such as Halloween, Christmas, and the beginning of summer.

Common Issues Discussed in Group:

  • Self-Harm, Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Family Issues
  • Dating
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Social Media Safety
  • Boundaries
  • Bullying

How to Join?

If you would like your daughter to be a part of the group, you need to first contact our office and set up a free 30-minute interview with Mary Battle. This gives you and your teen girl the chance to meet Mary, fill out intake paper, and ask any questions you may have. This also gives Mary the chance to assess whether Fight Club for Girls is the right fit for your teen.

Many times, teens may be hesitant to participate in the group, but usually after one session, they have no doubts at all about returning.

Cost: $25 per Group Session / Snacks are provided.

"The most powerful words when we're in struggle: 'Me too!'" - Brene Brown