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Grief and Loss

There are so many different kinds of Grief and Loss. Whether your heart is broken from a death, a divorce, a move, the Loss of a friendship, a Loss of safety, or a Loss of health, Grief is the natural and normal reaction to a significant emotional loss of any kind.

Grief is difficult to control or hide. There are no absolutes in Grief - meaning there are no reactions so universal that all people will experience them.

Most of us have not been given the skills to deal with Grief. We have all been taught how to acquire - just not how to Lose. So when we experience a significant Loss, we truly are unprepared to handle it appropriately or understand ourselves.

We keep hoping we'll "get back to normal." The problem is we have to find a new normal. And that is the most difficult task of Grief.

Most of us try to ignore our feelings of Grief. We try to be strong. We put it away and block our minds from acknowledging our feelings. This is not a healthy way to deal with Grief.

It is possible to recover from our feelings of Grief; to process through the emotional pain and heartache. We can provide you with the tools to recover from your Grief and develop that new normal.

We can be your companion on your journey through the wilderness of Grief, to lead you to live life with a renewed spark, and to find a new meaning and purpose for your life.