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Impulse Disorders / Addiction

Many people struggle with Impulsive habits or behaviors they wish they could change, but some of these habits make it extremely difficult to function in other areas of life. It's these types of Impulses that can cause tremendous pain in relationships, professional careers, parenting, and physical health. Examples of damaging Impulse Control struggles might be obsessive-compulsive disorder, explosive anger, addiction, or self-harm.

The seriousness of these issues can vary drastically depending on a large variety of factors, but any time people struggle controlling Impulses to the extent that other areas of their life are being deeply affected, it's time to get professional support and try some new strategies.

Many times in our culture there is a grave misunderstanding about the nature of the Impulse Disorder and Addiction and how to heal. This is not a "mind over matter" type of solution. Our professional therapists are well equipped to help you navigate these struggles with compassion and positive strategies for lasting change.