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It's a challenging time to be raising children! Social Media alone has advanced so much that our children are more assertive and informed than ever before in history.

A lot of Parents today are wondering how to handle situations in a loving and logical manner that arise in the everyday lives of their children. The techniques our Parents used to discipline us just don't seem to get the job done - especially without a lot of screaming and constant reminding.

Parents have become either unsure of their Parental role or become drill sergeants in their own home. And a lot of conflicting Parenting concepts have been presented. Many of them sound good, but in practice don't seem to do the job of teaching our children to be responsible, respectful and a joy to be around.

As Parents, we want to enjoy our children, have fun with them, and enjoy a less stressful family life. It is possible!

Many ideas, offered with the best of intentions, center around making sure kids are comfortable and feeling good about themselves in order to have a good self-concept. Unfortunately, the techniques they offer only seem to develop children who are concerned about having their own way and everybody being equal.

Research shows us that self-confidence is achieved through struggle and achievement, not through someone telling you that you are the best. Self confidence is not developed when kids are robbed of the opportunity to discover they they can indeed solve their own problems with caring adult guidance.

We offer Parenting techniques that actually work! Tested on our own children, shared with Parents who have raved about their successes and offered in a loving manner focused on maintaining a good relationship between the Parent and child. If you're interested in learning more, give us a call and we can help make your mornings calmer, your evenings quieter and your family life less stressful.