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Personality Disorders

Have you noticed that the way you view yourself and your relationships differs drastically from the way others view them?

Do you struggle with intense emotions that change drastically in various situations?

Do you struggle with controlling impulses that are destructive and harmful?

These are the types of challenges that someone suffering from a Personality Disorder often experiences.

A Personality Disorder is a longstanding pattern of rigid thinking and behavior which affects someone across a broad range of personal, professional and social situations. These patterns can cause significant distress, problems in relationships, work or physical health and usually begin in the teenage or early adult years.

If you are struggling with these types of longstanding challenges, there is hope available.

Research shows that with consistent therapeutic support, individuals diagnosed with a Personality Disorder can experience healing compassion and learn skills which can successfully change the longstanding habits that have gotten in your way.

You can learn to change relational behaviors in a way that helps you connect rather than feeling constantly disconnected.

You can learn to identify the causes of the long time habits that have caused problems and begin experiencing life in a new and more satisfying way.

If you have questions about these types of struggles or think you may need this type of support... we have therapists who would gladly walk with you on the journey to healing and personal growth.