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Relationship Counseling

Relationships are hard. People think that a good Relationship should be easy. But that's not necessarily true.

Whether this is an engagement, a marriage, a partnership, or a friendship; the Relationship itself can be difficult and trying.

No matter what kind of Relationship you are in, you can improve it by coming to counseling individually or as a couple. Both partners may or may not attend.

Relationships take effort, dedication, and focus. They are a little like plants. If we water the plant and nurture it, it will grow and blossom. If we don't, the plant will die.

It takes both people giving at least 90%, putting themselves in the other person's shoes, looking at things from both perspectives, and being willing to negotiate through the issues.

Learning to be responsible for your own happiness and not depending on someone else to make you happy is a primary key to good Relationships.

Knowing your own expectations and then learning to verbalize them to the other person, gives them the opportunity to process the information and decide if the expectation will work for him or her.

There's so much most of us have never been taught about having a good Relationship. Sometimes, the role models we had led us to behave in ways that create issues in our own Relationships.

At RESOLUTION, our therapists are trained to support your efforts to clarify the issues you may be having in a Relationship, examine possible avenues to make change, and guide you through making the change you decide is best for you.

We offer all forms of Relationship counseling - dating, premarital, marriage, and partnership counseling with specialties in Christian and LGBT.